A resident of Boston, Massachusetts, Matt was raised on the music of artists like the Eagles, James Taylor, Elton John, and Billy Joel, influencing the development of his eclectic taste in music. He began his music career at the age of eighteen on the campus of UMass Amherst where he first discovered an affinity for acoustic performing.  Originally a vocalist, Matt taught himself to play guitar, started writing songs, and then took to the local music scene in Amherst.  It was there that Matt began discovering the musical influences that would shape his style as a singer/songwriter including the likes of the Dave Matthews Band, Bob Marley, the Pixies, Pearl Jam, and Kings of Leon. 

In 2010, Matt began performing live, solo-acoustic shows to put his songwriting to the test.  After finding assurance in the warm reception of local audiences, he decided to dedicate himself to life as a musician; performing and writing new music avidly.  Upon graduating from college in 2011, Matt launched an initial demo project with producer Adam Scharff of Old School Studios in Kittery, Maine.

Matt formerly began work on his first EP in 2012 alongside Adam Scharff and co-producer Michael Scharff, and in November of that year released “The Ghost” at the Hard Rock Café Boston.  Since its release, several songs from The Ghost have been featured on Boston’s 92.5 The River as part of the Homegrown Showcase.

In December of 2016, Matt released the follow-up to his debut, titled "Under a Ceiling of Broken Pieces".  Once again produced by the Scharff brothers, the EP served as a bit of a departure from the stripped-down, acoustic-driven recordings heard in his first release, and instead added layers of amplified electric guitar tones, string arrangements and more dynamic percussion to bolster the new crop of songs.  Matt is currently putting together his schedule of shows for 2017 in support of the new release.